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Do you like complete control?  Our years of experience with full publishing packages help us coach you through the accounts you need to open and publish your book so that your book is yours, alone. You simply order books from an on-line printer.

We Want to Know About You

We want to know about you. You are our client and that puts you in charge. We extend our services to the first-time writer and the veteran. Both have entirely different needs. At Bookflurry, we are concerned with only the bottom line, profit for you. What service can we provide to you that will be most financially beneficial to your situation?  We want to see your money grow!  Writing -like any job- is an investment, and we want to help guide your seeds to fertile soil. 

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Traditional Publishing, Self-Publishing, Copywriting, Cover Design, Trademarking, E-books, and ISBN's

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Every best seller starts with solutions to your audience's fears and ambitions. You are the professional with the life experience on the subject that you are writing about. So the first step is filling out a customized questionnaire that helps you list these things. 

Generate excitement

Once we get your questionnaire, we will have a recorded phone conversation on how you help address these items in your book. We will also include references of those you have helped or know how you can help. We position you for you initial cold book release to better receive good reviews from the start. A good cover with great promises is the beginning of such reviews

Consult and Publish

Once the cover and interior are flawless and ready for the press- we will have a last minute consult on how you can best release your publication in a space for success. This includes tips on getting your first reviews and planning on a marketing window.

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Jay M. Horne is the owner of Bookflurry Publishing. We also offer children's publishing solutions to help save for college. See the link to the left for details.

We have extensive experience in copyrighting, trademarking, ghostwriting, and blogging.

Don't know where to start when writing or offering your service? Contact us for information- We'll write your book for you!

If you goal is in being the top professional of your niche, talk to us about writing your own best-selling book. We ghostwrite your manuscript, edit, design, and guide you through promotion to help you become an Amazon Best-Seller. What better way to land those speaking engagements than sending your best-selling manuscript on the subject to you favorite radio or tv station?

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